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My family heritage is very diverse.  But for now, we will stick to my maternal side. 🙂 My ancestors were Italian immigrants who came to America in the late 1800s…who all started with no money but were entrepreneurs at heart. My Great-Grandparents family owned several grocery stores, soda factories and motels. My grandparents built their motel from the ground up. They were a proud people, as most immigrants are. And they worked VERY hard to provide a living and a future for their children. A better life is why they came to America. And so a better life they made. As much as things change, so they stay the same. I plan to do the same with MY children – make a better life. And so the circle of entrepreneurship continues.

  • Family Life 100% 100%
  • Health and Wellness 90% 90%
  • Personal Development 85% 85%
About me

My story? We all have a story to tell.  And each and every one of ours is unique and special. It is what has shaped us to be who we are. We may not always know some of the reasons behind all of what we do because many of these things that have shaped us have come from years of beliefs from our childhood, our sub-conscious and the world around us that we have no control over.  Mine is no different.

My epiphany happened with what you might call “The Dark Night of My Soul.”  I lost my first husband when I was 29 due to the deadly HIV/AIDS Virus.  That was a devastating time in my life.

We had been together for 11 years and I thought we would be together for a lifetime.  But just when you make plans, God changes them on you. We had no children together but he did have one daughter. I am blessed to still be a big part of her life AND her children's lives.   At that time, in the 1980s, medicine was still in the early stages of detection and treatment of HIV/AIDS,   chances of contraction were great and survival were small.

My life took an unintended twist and everything seemed to stop for a while. It was completely turned upside down.  I didn't even know who I was anymore. Could I have children? Would I even live to see them?  Why was this happening?  Why did he have to get sick and suffer so? s?   So many questions.  So many tests. 

The doctors said it was almost impossible for me to not have contracted the virus because as far advanced as the illness was when they caught it – it had to have been activated in his system many years before….  (we were a couple for eleven years…not practicing safe sex that is most important now-condoms were barely visible in the pharmacy in the early 80s!) 

Fortunately, God spared me,    But there were so many dark days ahead.  He must have had a purpose.  At the time, I couldn't find one.    But He did.  I just couldn't see it.  My husband was not so lucky.   He died at 35 years old, only a year and a half after being diagnosed.

Fast forward a few years later, when I met someone else and decided to remarry.  He already had two young children previously. Now I am a step-mom.  Again. I had a son right away at 31 and a daughter at 35.  During this time I had been experiencing some heart issues and some other health ailments related to thyroid, depression, and anxiety. I had my first silent heart attack at thirty-seven,  but didn't know it at the time.

At age thirty-eight I became pregnant with my third child. All the doctors, including the specialists,   decided:  1)  I was advanced age and automatically High-risk   2)   because of my cardiac condition (now known) I shouldn't have this baby – it was too dangerous for both of us – one or both of us would die.  Everyone in my life voted for me to NOT have this child.  EVERYONE.  Except me.  I knew.  I just knew it would be okay. I know it will sound weird or hokey or whatever.  But I heard GOD talk to me.  A couple of months into my pregnancy I was walking up the stairs and I suddenly felt overwhelming peace. I just knew. God said to me you both will be fine. Everything is okay. And I felt joyous and warm and happy.

Then I knew.  This was my purpose.  My children.  ALL of them…  Including my step-children.  I was here to be there for them and raise them.   I had a slight cardiac episode at 18 weeks and was put on full bed rest for 6 mos, but everything turned out fine. 

My baby girl was born in February 2001 and is now starting college. My middle daughter graduated college in 3 years and is a teacher of little minds and starting Graduate school, and my son graduated college, is now out on his own living his dreams and starting his own business.  My youngest step-daughter is getting married in a few months and has a baby of her own, my step-son is now 34 and married with his own children,  and. And my oldest step-daughter…she is now 37 with three children of her own and has lost her own mother, along with her father (my 1st husband) when she was 9…so she has needed me to kind of step in and be a good role model for her. 

I hope I have done my best to give them the love, guidance, and hope for the future.  Yes… they have some issues to deal with.  but don't we all?   I know I am the perfect mother to help them through the things they must go through.  because I understand them.  I go through a lot of it myself, each and every day.  God spared me to be their mom so I could raise them up and let them spread their wings and fly high.   What better way to come into this world than to have a soul supporter cheering you on right from the get-go?  No better way indeed.

My mission is to empower you…to be the better, healthier, more vibrant version of you. Success starts from within. Let's look inside and water the garden that you have planted.  Learn how to live, build your dreams of financial freedom and have the abundant life you were meant to live.

As a business owner, starting a business can be a life changer as our goals and dreams can now become a reality and allow us a completely new lifestyle for our family like no other time in history.

You can now realize your dream of quitting your full-time job and be a stay-at-home parent if that is what your goal is for your business. Without a healthy body, mind, or spirit, you will hinder your progress greatly. I will work diligently with anyone who is serious about making your goals health, wellness and abundant income a reality.

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