Hear My Voice




All my life I have been known for being quiet and shy. I have felt different.  Like I didn't fit in anywhere. I felt invisible.  With no voice.  I wanted it to be heard.  But no-one did.   As I grew older, I think my personality took a turn for the geekier.  LOL.   I am sure many of you can relate to that.  🙂  Due to society's abnormalities, I withdrew further and further from the popular activities.  Society seemed to be the one that was different. 

Lately, I have been doing a lot of inside work – you could say soul work, personal development, and healing, trying to come to terms with things that have occurred in my past that have either held me back, or kept me stuck in a loop for a while.  I am telling you, everyone should do this.  It is cathartic.  You really don't know how much negative stuff has accumulated in our “attic”  over our lifetime.   While having all that “negativity” inside my mind, my body was not up to par, my health suffered and my mental status took a beating.  

I have been a Christian for a long time, over 20 years, but sometimes you just have to rededicate yourself to going deeper. And to doing the work that you should have done many, many moons ago.  This is what has happened to me lately.  I have had a huge nudge. Doing some workshops in my Women's Group online,  The Women's Connection   I have been getting blatant messages.  “Hear my voice”…  “Be still and you will get your answer.”  Yes.  Really.  In these workshops we do get intense.  You should join us.  Sorry men.  Only for the lovely ladies.  It is a women's group after all  🙂    Recently, I think God just gave me the push that I really needed or I would have stayed put.  Thank you God.  🙂 


Psalm 46:10     “Be still and know that I am God!”


One day after New Year's all of my technology was just not working.  No computer, or phone, or Internet, or TV.  Oh, and did I say I crashed my car on Christmas Day so I am also without transportation??  What would you do?  Would you freak out?  Yell and scream?  And would that do you any good?  Okay, for some of you, it might make you feel better for a few minutes.  But ultimately, it is not going to solve your problem. 

Rather than go for the former solution, I sat down, thought for a few minutes, and realized, I have books. I have my computer with word and pdfs that I can print out (yes, my printer did work!  aha! )  and I do have an FM radio….do you guys know what that is??  Yes, I know, I am being smart.  🙂   So I got productive and I read two 300 page books – which I haven't had the time to do in FOREVER with three kids around to interrupt me! – printed out pdfs galore for time management and goal setting, read some more books that were in pdf form that were pertinent to my business, and got some great ideas for my future.  I think that was God's plan all along.  Because I am never off the computer and He had to take it away from me for me to hear HIM.  

I have a new goal in my life.  My ministry.    Hearmyvoiceministries.com  It is not set up yet, but is waiting for me when I get things together.  I know most of you don't know, but I became an ordained minister about a year ago.  I am going deeper into studying The Word with a year-long Mentorship Program that will help me understand more.  Since my kids were young there has always been a flock of children at my home.  I like it that way.  I want them to know it is a safe place to land for them no matter what.  That is kind of how this ministry idea was born. Help for troubled teens,  young pregnant girls, sex trafficking, or needs I haven't thought of yet. 

I was once invisible, my voice did not matter. But now God wants to use it to help others.  His voice WILL be heard.   How do I know this?  Because I kept hearing him tell me to “Be Still”  over and over and over.  Through His gentle whispers, then His louder voice, then more signs, then blatant smacks on the head.  Yes…God has a way of getting your attention when you are not listening to Him and He has something to say.

I think I finally found where I fit in. And now I have a voice.  I hope you know that YOU have one too. Let me help you use it.  The Bible is “The Game Plan” for The Abundant Life.  Let's live it!  


Love and Many Blessings,